Xcalibyte can dramatically improve your productivity, efficiency and security with a range of easy-to-use, high-performance toolchain solutions as well as a highly secure automotive operating system.

Our specialized vertical solutions include code quality analysis tools, debuggers, analyzers, high-performance compilers and automotive and robotic microkernel systems based on the secure OS microkernel seL4.

Are you concerned about code security and product quality?

If you are looking for an easy way to find and reduce errors in your coding process, Xcalibyte’s tools can help you practice safe coding and easily bring it into compliance with industry and company coding standards. You can also identify source code defects and vulnerabilities throughout the software development life cycle (SDLC) with the help of our automatic remediation recommendations.

Are you concerned about the performance of RISC-V-based development?

If you want software to run on different architectural hardware, you need a sophisticated compiler tool that converts source code into binary files with a specific instruction set. Our LLVM Clang front-end provides the broadest source code compatibility with programs compiled with LLVM or GCC. The LLVM code generator interfaces with the active open source community to take full advantage of peephole optimizations for RISC-V code generation and instruction-level optimization.

Do you want to develop a secure automotive OS?

Self-driving cars and robotics demand highly secure, never-down operating systems. Xcalibyte offers state-of-the-art specialized products including secure formally verified OS kernels and Hypervisors for modern security products that meet the most stringent security requirements.


With our highly secured automotive safety operating systems and high-performance toolchain solutions, you can dramatically improve development efficiency and safety.

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