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Let’s Talk About Sensitive Data!

14 Sep 2020 | By Shaw Xiao

In the digital age, the biggest concern on everyone’s mind is data security. Data breaches and loss of sensitive data frequently appears in the...

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Xcalibyte Marches Forward

31 Jul 2020

Two years ago, we embarked on a journey of developing our flagship static analysis tool, Xcalscan. Earlier this year, we launched the first commercial version...

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Are You Guilty of Embedding Credentials into Your Source Code?

16 Jul 2020 | By Qing Zhu

Everyone fears that their usernames and passwords will be exposed to malicious hackers so why do many developers still use embedded credentials in their software...

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Open Source Software and the Threats That Come with It!

18 May 2020 | By Johanna Cui

In the past five years, the growth and adoption of open-source technology have stepped into full stride and has penetrated all aspects of software...

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Q&A with Lai Jianxin on Static Code Analysis

15 Apr 2020 | By Lai Jianxin

Lai Jianxin is Xcalibyte’s Head of Research & Development for their static code analysis tool, Xcalscan. What are your responsibilities?My current job responsibility...

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The importance of ‘Shift-Left’ testing in the SDLC!

25 Mar 2020 | By Yuning Liang

What is ‘shift-left’ in the field of DevOps and security? Traditional testing is done in the QA stage of the software development process which...

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Lessons to Be Learnt for CTOs From the COVID-19 Virus!

26 Feb 2020 | By Gavin Bu

As a CTO, especially in China, are you worried that you will not be able to resume work? Or perhaps you are desperately trying to...

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What Does China’s Cryptography Law Mean to Developers?

15 Jan 2020 | By Shin-Ming Liu

The China ‘Cryptography law’ was endorsed by China’s top legislature in October 2019 and came into effect on January 1st, 2020. It applies to...

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The financial services industry is falling behind in cyber security – so where should their focus be?

18 Nov 2019 | By Tan Rahman

Many of us wonder how, in our past lives, we managed to get by without online banking services. In fact, of all industries, the financial...

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Some Advice For Software Developers Who Really Care About Secure Code

6 Nov 2019 | By Sage Lee

With the development of the Internet, especially the advances in the mobile Internet, digital services are more and more closely connected with our personal lives...

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