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ROMA Pre-order

8 Aug 2022 | By Deepcomputing

Tomorrow’s computer is here today. Will you be the first to order the world’s first RISC-V laptop? For a limited time, the...

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OWASP #5 Broken Access Control

19 Oct 2021 | By Jason Lu

In the OWASP Top Ten list, the number 5 vulnerability is Broken Access Control. This is concerned with how web applications grant systems access to...

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Empowering Customers the Xcalibyte Way – An Interview with Gavin Bu

14 Oct 2021 | By Gavin Bu

From smart-locks at homes to self-driving vehicles on the road, new technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and 5G continue to promote the...

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The Customer First Philosophy!

14 Sep 2021 | By Yanwen Lu

Yanwen Lu, Product Manager at Xcalibyte, shares her insights for how we have had to tailor our technical capabilities for very specific client requirements...

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What is the Connection Between CERT & CWE?

26 Aug 2021 | By Tan Rahman

Up to 90% of software security problems are caused by defects in source code. Coding standards are critical to eliminate vulnerabilities. Our latest blog post...

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9 Aug 2021 | By Jason Lu

The safest way to prevent XXE is to always disable External Entities completely. Disabling these also makes the parser secure against denial of services (DOS...

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Introduction to Compiler Technology

16 Jul 2021 | By Jianxin Lai

Most technologists agree that Moore’s Law, the two-fold increase of the number of transistors placed upon a chip each year, has come to...

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OWASP #3 Sensitive Data Exposure

9 Jun 2021 | By Xcalibyte

The next blog article in our OWASP Top Ten series is number 3, Sensitive Data. When your data is at rest, in transit or in...

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Embedded Programming and IoT – Memory Management Criticality

18 May 2021 | By Tan Rahman & Jane Yang

In this blog article, we explore some of the pitfalls faced by developers when using lower-level compiled languages with the Internet of Things...

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OWASP #2 – Broken Authentication

6 May 2021 | By Jason Lu

Broken Authentication ranks No. 2 in the OWASP top ten list and despite being easily countered, is an all too often-seen problem in software...

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