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The Coding Compliance Imperative

Oct 11, 2019 Tan Rahman
To all those developers out there that have opted for the ‘quick’ path rather than the ‘correct’ path to deliver code, this article is for you. In the West, compliance with coding standards is de rigueur but in China there’s still room for growth. A lot of room.

The Cost of Not Securing Your Data!

Sep 19, 2019 Tan Rahman
Over the past five years, the cost of a data breach has risen by 12%. IBM estimates the average cost to be USD3.92 million. The rising expenses are in line with increased financial impact of breaches, increased regulation, increased frequency of attacks and the complexity of resolving malicious attacks. Our latest blog post explores some of the larger data breaches and the impact they have had on the business.

Why “Memory Management” Bugs Deserve Your Absolute Attention!

Aug 15, 2019 Shin-Ming Liu
Data, during its encrypted or decrypted state is vulnerable to hostile exploitation by hackers if the software does not manage allocation and deallocation of memory securely. Xcalibyte's Chief Architect, Shin-Ming Liu, explores why memory management bugs deserve your absolute attention as a software developer or IT security professional.
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