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Why “Memory Management” Bugs Deserve Your Absolute Attention!

Aug 15, 2019 Shin-Ming Liu
Data, during its encrypted or decrypted state is vulnerable to hostile exploitation by hackers if the software does not manage allocation and deallocation of memory securely. Xcalibyte's Chief Architect, Shin-Ming Liu, explores why memory management bugs deserve your absolute attention as a software developer or IT security professional.

The Importance of Source Code Security in the IoT Era

Aug 7, 2019 Tan Rahman
In the world of IoT, security isn't always a top priority as manufacturers rush to get their products to market as fast as possible. With 41 billion IoT devices expected to be operating by 2025, this mentality has to change and security has to become the priority.

Quality First Mindset

Jul 2, 2019 Colin Giles
There is increased pressure on developers to ensure a high level of quality and security in the thousands of lines of code they are writing every day. All in the face of ensuring that developer teams work productively, cost-effectively, and retain freedom for innovation and creativity. The best and most efficient approach is to create a quality-first mindset in the organisation, together with a security-by-design approach.
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