Case studies

Case studies

HORIZON – AI Processors

The Company

Horizon provides customized solutions in the field of intelligent driving. With their proprietary AI processor and computing platform, Horizon offers external environment perception, in-vehicle multi-modal interaction, and high-precision map modeling.

The Problem

Horizon wanted to accelerate productivity and raise software quality. Their scanning tool only covered MISRA rules, so important defects such as Array Out of Bounds (AOB) and Null Pointer Dereference (NPD) could not be detected during coding. Approximately 30% of development time was being wasted, looking for bugs and root cause analysis.

The Xcalibyte Solution

By integrating Xcalscan into the SDLC and using Xcalibyte’s best practices for secure coding, Horizon were able to quickly identify key issues including AOB and NPD with an accuracy never previously achieved. By using customized rules, Horizon avoided business logic issues not easily found with normal testing.


UISEE – Autonomous Vehicles

UISEE focuses on creating future-oriented mobility and logistics solutions. Using AI, they help to reshape the way people live...

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HISENSE – Smart Home Appliances

Juhaolian is a subsidiary of Hisense, known for smart home appliances, electronic equipment and intelligent information systems. Juhaolian is at...

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