Case studies

Case studies

SoC Manufacturer

The Company

As an application processor manufacturer developing high-performance IoT devices and designing wireless interconnect chips, this company markets a wide range of innovative hardware including smart home devices, consumer electronics, HD media, smart video, automotive electronics, industrial controls and AIOT products.

The Problem

In order to improve efficiency and to ensure product quality, they needed compliance tools that could check key software security issues such as MISRA, AUTOSAR and logic vulnerabilities. Manual code review was almost impossible, so the hunt was on to find an analysis tool that could automate code review and quickly locate issues, defects and troubleshoot complex logical vulnerabilities.

In addition, the company required many customized rules based on their very specific business characteristics. Historical legacy issues also needed to be resolved gradually without adding any additional security issues. Any tools had to be easy-to-use, highly reliable and fully integrated into the CI/CD development process.

The Xcalibyte Solution

Using Xcalscan, we could immediately offer 99% scan accuracy support for MISRA C 2012, MISRA C++ 2008 and AUTOSAR C++ 14 code specifications and standards. Our compiler-based algorithm logic analysis provided a low cost and highly reliable solution dealing with defects such as highly complex array out-of-bounds (AOB) issues and null pointers (NPD).

Xcalscan’s custom rule sets were easily tailored to their distinct business needs, while incremental DSR scanning functions were smoothly embedded into the process to handle any historical code issues. Xcalscan also provided a simple and easy-to-use UI interface and a flexible scanning configuration that allowed users to quickly scan and locate code defects.


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