Case studies

Case studies

UISEE – Autonomous Vehicles

The Company

UISEE focuses on creating future-oriented mobility and logistics solutions. Using AI, they help to reshape the way people live in an eco-friendly urban lifestyle, through utility, safety and inclusive experiences.

The Problem

UISEE’s existing code analysis tools could not be easily integrated within their CI/CD process. Results were based mainly on coding standards rather than identifying specific defects leading to potential vulnerabilities. In addition, they had no way to customize rules required for their business logic verification nor conduct fast incremental scanning and immediately view the results of each scan.

The Xcalibyte Solution

Xcalscan provided an SDLC API that allowed for easy integration into the CI/CD process and simplified the scan process configuration to help users begin scanning. UISEE was able to easily and accurately identify vulnerabilities to increase efficiency.

By easily adding customized rules, UISEE eliminated business logic issues that were previously undetected. UISEE was also able to optimize the incremental scanning process to reduce the time for each incremental scan and improve overall scanning efficiency. By adding incremental scan logs to the UI page, it was easy for users to review the results of each incremental scan and quickly confirm whether code changes were implemented and if any code defects were inadvertently added.


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