The Customer First Philosophy!

2021-09-14 | By Yanwen Lu

Our Product Manager, Yanwen, shares her insights on how to prioritize customer satisfaction by actively maintaining communication with customers, and deliver static code analysis tools...

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Creating ‘Best in Class’ Tools for Static Code Analysis – Q&A with Sun Chan, CTO

2021-01-07 | By Sun Chan

In his latest Q&A session , Xcalibyte’s CTO, Sun Chan, shares some experiences from his admirable career, that all software developers will find insightful...

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Let’s Talk About Sensitive Data!

2020-09-14 | By Shaw Xiao

In the digital age, the biggest concern on everyone’s mind is data security. Data breaches and loss of sensitive data frequently appears in the...

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Lessons to Be Learnt for CTOs From the COVID-19 Virus!

2020-02-26 | By Gavin Bu

As a CTO, especially in China, are you worried that you will not be able to resume work? Or perhaps you are desperately trying to...

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The financial services industry is falling behind in cyber security – so where should their focus be?

2019-11-18 | By Tan Rahman

Many of us wonder how, in our past lives, we managed to get by without online banking services. In fact, of all industries, the financial...

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Quality First Mindset

2019-07-25 | By Colin Giles

There is increased pressure on developers to ensure a high level of quality and security in the thousands of lines of code they are writing...

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