OWASP #3 Sensitive Data Exposure

9 Jun 2021 | By Xcalibyte

The next blog article in our OWASP Top Ten series is number 3, Sensitive Data. When your data is at rest, in transit or in...

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Embedded Programming and IoT – Memory Management Criticality

18 May 2021 | By Tan Rahman & Jane Yang

In this blog article, we explore some of the pitfalls faced by developers when using lower-level compiled languages with the Internet of Things...

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OWASP #2 – Broken Authentication

6 May 2021 | By Jason Lu

Broken Authentication ranks No. 2 in the OWASP top ten list and despite being easily countered, is an all too often-seen problem in software...

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Creating ‘Best in Class’ Tools for Static Code Analysis – Q&A with Sun Chan, CTO

7 Jan 2021 | By Sun Chan

In his latest Q&A session, Xcalibyte’s CTO, Sun Chan, shares some experiences from his admirable career, that all software developers will find insightful...

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Q&A with Lai Jianxin on Static Code Analysis

15 Apr 2020 | By Lai Jianxin

Lai Jianxin is Xcalibyte’s Head of Research & Development for their static code analysis tool, Xcalscan. What are your responsibilities?My current job responsibility...

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The importance of ‘Shift-Left’ testing in the SDLC!

25 Mar 2020 | By Yuning Liang

What is ‘shift-left’ in the field of DevOps and security? Traditional testing is done in the QA stage of the software development process which...

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What Does China’s Cryptography Law Mean to Developers?

15 Jan 2020 | By Shin-Ming Liu

The China ‘Cryptography law’ was endorsed by China’s top legislature in October 2019 and came into effect on January 1st, 2020. It applies to...

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The financial services industry is falling behind in cyber security – so where should their focus be?

18 Nov 2019 | By Tan Rahman

Many of us wonder how, in our past lives, we managed to get by without online banking services. In fact, of all industries, the financial...

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The Coding Compliance Imperative

11 Oct 2019 | By Tan Rahman

If you’re a coder, then you most likely know what technical debt is. It’s sometimes known as design debt or code debt. It...

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Quality First Mindset

25 Jul 2019 | By Colin Giles

There is increased pressure on developers to ensure a high level of quality and security in the thousands of lines of code they are writing...

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