ROMA Pre-order

2022-06-28 | By Deepcomputing

Introducing ROMA - the world’s first RISC-V laptop. With cutting-edge features, ROMA lets you directly expand and explore the native RISC-V development...

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Verifying Business Logic in One Step, Saving a Hundred Steps Fixing Defects

2021-03-04 | By Dr. Long Li

In this article, Xcalibyte’s Chief Scientist, Long Li, looks at how Xcalibyte uses mathematical computational models to uncover defects and vulnerabilities in source code...

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Creating ‘Best in Class’ Tools for Static Code Analysis – Q&A with Sun Chan, CTO

2021-01-07 | By Sun Chan

In his latest Q&A session , Xcalibyte’s CTO, Sun Chan, shares some experiences from his admirable career, that all software developers will find insightful...

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Xcalibyte Marches Forward


Two years ago, we embarked on a journey of developing our flagship static analysis tool, Xcalscan. Earlier this year, we launched the first commercial version...

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Q&A with Lai Jianxin on Static Code Analysis

2020-04-15 | By Lai Jianxin

Lai Jianxin is Xcalibyte’s Head of Research & Development for their static code analysis tool, Xcalscan. What are your responsibilities?My current job responsibility...

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Lessons to Be Learnt for CTOs From the COVID-19 Virus!

2020-02-26 | By Gavin Bu

As a CTO, especially in China, are you worried that you will not be able to resume work? Or perhaps you are desperately trying to...

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The Importance of Source Code Security in the IoT Era

2019-08-07 | By Tan Rahman

Our CTO, Sun Chan, recently had a question and answer article published on Sohu in China. He provides some great insight into the critical threats...

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Xcalibyte’s First Anniversary

2019-06-05 | By Tan Rahman

One year ago, we setup Xcalibyte with the goal of helping developers build and deploy safe and reliable code by creating sophisticated yet easy to...

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