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We needed to apply better application security for our software development team. Using Xcalscan allowed us to achieve this with high reliability and accuracy.

Henry Yu, R&D Director, Rongcard


UISEE – Autonomous Vehicles

UISEE focuses on creating future-oriented mobility and logistics solutions. Using AI, they help to reshape the way people live in an eco-friendly urban lifestyle, through utility, safety and inclusive experiences.

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HISENSE – Smart Home Appliances

Juhaolian is a subsidiary of Hisense, known for smart home appliances, electronic equipment and intelligent information systems. Juhaolian is at the heart of Hisense smart home solutions by providing communication technologies...

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HORIZON – AI Processors

Horizon provides customized solutions in the field of intelligent driving. With their proprietary AI processor and computing platform, Horizon offers external environment perception, in-vehicle multi-modal interaction, and high-precision map modeling.

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