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What are the key benefits of Xcalscan?

  • Helps you write high quality source code
  • Ensures you adhere to software compliance standards such as CERT
  • Ensures you reduce the number of vulnerabilities in your source code
  • Improves efficiency and enhances productivity when fully integrated into the software development process

What are Xcalscan’s key features?

Xcalscan is a new generation of static code analysis based on compiler technology. Xcalscan’s proprietary tools reduce false positives and our unique cross-language and cross-function capabilities can support static code scanning of multi-language interleaved projects in complex business scenarios.

Because Xcalscan finds problems earlier, you can reduce costs and improve efficiency. Xcalscan’s increased frequency of scanning makes problem solving up to 5 times less costly.

Xcalscan’s unique business rules engine allows you to customize source code development specifications, business compliance and risk detection criteria based on your own business requirements.

Xcalscan also offers:

  • The ability to meet higher requirements for source code quality
  • A UI graphical design, API interface and other implementation methods
  • Clear display of custom rules on the scan results page
  • Comprehensive support for China requirements
  • In-depth analysis to improve productivity
  • Higher reporting accuracy with fewer false positives
  • Reduced scan times with a smaller system resource footprint

How do you deploy Xcalscan?

Xcalscan can be deployed on-premise using server-side and client-side applications. For server-side applications, Xcalscan uses Docker technology and each service exists as a docker service. For client-side applications, Xcalibyte will supply offline installation packages.

Do I need to upload source code directly to the Xcalscan server?

This is optional. If you need to review source code in detail through our web application, you would need to upload source code to the Xcalscan server. If you require basic results, without details based on the lines of code, it is not necessary to upload source code to the Xcalscan server.

What is the recommended hardware configuration?

Available space: 4GB for a basic installation
CPU: Quad-core or higher
Memory: 16GB or higher
Docker-CE version: 18.09 or higher
Web browser: Chrome (recommended), Safari, Firefox

What operating systems does Xcalscan support?

On the server-side, we support Linux: Ubuntu 14.04 and higher, Debian 8 and higher, CentOS 7.0 and higher, Redhat 6.0 and higher. On the client-side, we support the same Linux OS as well as Windows 7/10.

What programming languages dose Xcalscan support?

Currently Xcalscan can support C, C++ and Java.

Does Xcalscan use a Client/Server or Browser/Server architecture?

Xcalscan uses a client/server architecture model. Users need to install the Xcalscan client to complete the pre-processing work before sending code to the server for scanning. By collecting project settings, commands and third party libraries to correctly build the project through the client, we ensure the server completes all functions including code analysis, defect data identification and display. After this, you can use the web application to review the results in detail, analyze trace paths, assign remediation tasks and generate reports.

Is it important to ensure the project build is successful before running an Xcalscan analysis?

Xcalscan’s core scanning engine is based on advanced compiler technologies. The analysis is conducted between the high-level source program and the low-level target program to correctly examine all data flows independent of the programming language. Xcalscan cannot be run if the compiler information is missing.

Can I use Xcalscan in CI Automation flow?

Yes. Xcalscan can support common CI tools such as Jenkins. Additional tools will be added over time.

How do I use the Xcalscan client-side application?

The client-side application can be used through the Command Line Interface (CLI) or through an application with a Graphical User Interface (GUI). The installation file needs to be downloaded and then installed in your Windows or Linux environment.

Can I download a scan result report from Xcalscan?

Yes, Xcalscan lets you download a report in either CSV or PDF format.

How accurate is Xcalscan?

We have conducted statistical analysis on Xcalscan’s results using the NIST Juliet test suite for source code analyzer. The results show the scanning accuracy of Xcalscan is significantly better than many similar products.

Who are Xcalibyte’s investors?

Our investors include Redpoint Ventures which focuses on TMT and Jiangmen which connects tech startups to benchmark users and industry resources. With their strategic input and technology networks, Xcalibyte will continue to improve and enhance our secure coding solutions to meet changing market needs.

What industries and areas does Xcalibyte focus on?

Our tools are industry agnostic and can be used by any software development organization. We have considerable expertise in the Internet of Things and financial services and we currently work with IoT chip manufacturers for their operating systems, application layers and Kernel layers. We will further expand our capabilities into the areas of autonomous vehicles and Industrial IoT.

What are Xcalibyte’s products?

Our flagship product is Xcalscan. Based on our in-depth knowledge of compiler technologies, it uses advanced static code analysis to help companies reduce costs and significantly improve productivity. For more information, visit our products page.

How do we price our products?

We have competitive pricing plans that can fit your specific requirements. Contact us for further information.

Can I request a Demo?

Yes. We can provide you with a demo of the on-premise version of Xcalscan. Make the request through our website and our staff will contact you to arrange it.

How long is the trial period?

Our standard trial period is 30 days, but can be adjusted depending on the circumstances. Confidentiality agreements will be prepared in advance of any trials.

Is Xcalscan independently developed technology?

Xcalscan is a proprietary solution developed by our own engineering team. The core technologies of Xcalscan have been patented.

If you’re interested in becoming an Xcalibyte partner, or you have already joined us, you might find some useful answers to your questions here.

What is the Xcalibyte partner program?

Our Partner Program is a cooperation program that helps jointly deliver innovative solutions to your clients.

Why should I partner with Xcalibyte?       

With Xcalibyte you gain a strategic partner who can provide you with these competitive advantages:

  • Access to the latest compiler technology expertise in the field of static code scanning
  • Technical collaboration on projects to help you achieve additional success with your customers
  • Collaboration opportunities within our ecosystem of partners
  • Opportunity to participate in Xcalibyte’s marketing and public relations activities

Where can I find more information about Xcalibyte’s products?       

You can find information about Xcalibyte’s products here or you can contact one of our Partner Managers here.

What marketing materials can partners use?

Xcalibyte Partners can access the Xcalibyte Partner Center where you will find marketing materials, logos, product images, style guides and other marketing content. Special materials can also be arranged through your Partner Manager.

What sales tools does the partner program provide?

The Xcalibyte Partner Center contains sales strategy guides, partner plans, product overviews, data sheets, performance charts, case studies, infographics and more.

Does Xcalibyte provide partner training?

As a registered Xcalibyte Partner you have access to a range of training courses through your Partner Manager. Online documents and other training materials are also available for download at any time by logging into the Partner Center.

Where can I get the latest information and updates from Xcalibyte?

Your Xcalibyte Partner manager will regularly send you the latest plans, solution trends and product updates.

Where can I find the pricing of Xcalibyte’s products?

For accurate and up-to-date product pricing, please contact your Partner Manager.

Where is the closest Xcalibyte office?

Currently, Xcalibyte has four offices covering China’s North, East and South as well as Hong Kong. Find the closest office to you by visiting the Contact Us page.

What if I need more support?  

Whatever level of support you need, the Xcalibyte Partner Center and your Partner Manager are ready to assist.