The electric vehicle industry in China is set to grow 24% annually over the next ten years. Ensuring vehicle quality, safety and performance will be critical to the industry’s growth. With our extensive domestic and global experience, Xcalibyte is partnering with leading companies in the EV supply chain to offer cutting-edge expertise and an innovative range of tools that will improve safety, quality, compliance and performance for the entire industry.

Software Quality

Xcalibyte provides best practices to make your safety-critical code compliant with MISRA, AUTOSAR, ISO 26262 and ASIL-D standards and specifications.
Xcalibyte's static code analysis tool, Xcalscan, integrates with some of the most popular CI/CD platforms such as Gitlab and Jenkins to automate security scans and help effectively speed up the code compliance.

Software Security

Xcalibyte provides white-box security testing to ensure products comply with certain code specifications such as CERT and OWASP and offers black-box penetration testing specifically for connected self-driving cars.
Xcalibyte has a team of system software experts focused on the formally validated security operating system seL4. We are a strategic partner of the seL4 Foundation, working closely with their technical experts. We can help you fully adapt your seL4 microkernel-based operating system to ensure the highest security level.
We can also provide formal verification services for final development software to ensure that vulnerabilities and flaws are minimized.

Software Performance

We provide commercial system analysis and code coverage tools and services that ensure seL4-based products are optimized to their maximum performance.
Our system analysis tools will help analyze your system logic and identify precisely where improvements are needed.
Using code coverage analysis, you can check how much code is covered in your testing, perform benchmarking and create additional test cases to increase coverage and determine quantitative code coverage measures.


HISENSE – Smart Home Appliances

Juhaolian is a subsidiary of Hisense, known for smart home appliances, electronic equipment and intelligent information systems. Juhaolian is at the heart of Hisense's smart home solutions by providing communication technologies between devices and the cloud.

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UISEE – Autonomous Vehicles

UISEE focuses on creating future-oriented mobility and logistics solutions. Using AI, they help reshape how people live in an eco-friendly urban lifestyle through utility, safety and inclusive experiences.

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HORIZON – AI Processors

Horizon provides customized solutions in the field of intelligent driving. With their proprietary AI processor and computing platform, Horizon offers external environment perception, in-vehicle multi-modal interaction and high-precision map modeling.

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