Recap | Be A Forward-Thinking Engineer

3 Sep 2021 Webinar

Yuning Liang , Xcalibyte’s CEO was is invited to a live broadcast event with Xiao Gai of “Geek Time”. Yuning was quizzed about his perspective on what makes a good software engineer and also talke about his varied technology background including his latest startup, Xcalibyte.

Here are a few of the questions and answers from the broadcast. You can watch the whole video (in Chinese) below.

Q1. What makes a forward-thinking developer?

A developer must have core competitiveness and a solid foundation. When you are capable of working comprehensively, then you can do two things. The first thing is to provide good support to your leader and supervisor; the second thing is to choose work that you are passionate about and in a productive environment, continuously improving yourself, broadening your horizon, and keeping things in perspective.


Q2. As an engineer, I work hard, but I can’t seem to achieve success. Why?

The first thing you should do is try to change your environment and learn to ask yourself why. Everyone works hard, including myself, where I used to work 16 hour days for six months in a row, doing the most annoying and detailed work. The definition of success is to know why you are doing it. And then choose what you have a passion for.


Q3. Today’s topic is how to be a forward-thinking developer. How should developers plan their careers for this?

The perspective (ge-ju) of engineers is to be professional in a specific field and then to broaden the horizon. Management skills are also vital based on the vertical technology field. I suggest picking a field that is not fiercely competitive to learn the skills and consolidate the technology. You must do the work but focus on the big picture.


Watch the video below to see the Webinar in full. Note, that the webinar is in Chinese.