Webinar Recap | 5 Thing You Need to Know About AppSec and SAST

24 Jun 2021 Webinar

On June 24th 2021, Gavin Bu, Xcalibyte’s Head of Technical Solutions, gave a webinar to help viewers understand more about application security and Static Application Security Testing (SAST) in software development. He also introduced our Xcalscan SAST solution and demonstrated how it helps our customers’ application development teams create higher quality and secure code.
In China, software developers have not paid enough attention to application security when developing software programs. Yet, based on 2019 statistics from the National Internet Emergency Center, 56% of security breaches are from the software code, followed by web applications, operating systems, network devices, and databases. This clearly demonstrated the urgency and necessity of paying attention to application security.
Despite the prevalence of security risks in any application, only 14% of the world’s companies include the security testing processes across the entire software development lifecycle. For application security, it is strongly recommended that companies take software security into consideration in the early stages of development and adopt ‘shift-left’ testing.
The 5 things you need to know about AppSec & SAST that were covered in the webinar included:
    1. What is application security and why is it so important?
    2. How to perform “shift-left” testing?
    3. What is static code analysis?
    4. Which coding compliance standards are critical?
    5. How to use static code analysis tools to practice application security?


Watch the video below to see the Webinar in full. Note, that the webinar is in Chinese.

Download the full presentation.


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