Xcalibyte Completes A+ Financing Round to Bolster Investment in New Technologies and Expand Teams in China

29 Jul 2020 Author: Xcalibyte

Beijing, China, 29th July 2020 – Xcalibyte, the expert in in-depth static code analysis, announced today that it has completed its Series A+ round of financing, led by Jiangmen and Redpoint China Ventures (Redpoint China). Xcalibyte will use the new funding to develop new products and technologies, enhance its existing portfolio of products and customer service, further expand sales operations, and continue contributing to the advancement of software technology in China.

Mr. Liang Yuning, CEO of Xcalibyte, said: “Xcalibyte has world-class expertise in compiler technology and static analysis, and is committed to helping software developers quickly identify code defects and security risks through next generation compiler technology tools. This round of financing empowers Xcalibyte to use its expertise to provide higher standard products for technology innovators, particularly in China. Xcalibyte will continue its mission to help developers further improve source code defect detection accuracy, efficiency, and plans to add support for more programming languages. Xcalibyte is committed to contributing to the development of world-class technology in China with its cutting-edge solutions”.

Xcalibyte has established partnerships with several leading tech companies in China, including internet giants, AI unicorns, and Chinese autonomous driving leaders. The new funding ensures Xcalibyte will continue to work closely with partners to contribute to the local technological growth.

Mr. Shen Qiang, Founding Partner and CTO of Jiangmen, said: “Code quality and security are critical to software development. Chinese developers are currently looking for ways to rapidly improve quality, efficiency, convenience, practicality of software development tools accessible so they can tackle software quality and security problems effectively. Jiangmen is excited to support Xcalibyte’s in its mission to uplift Chinese technology innovation. Jiangmen believes Xcalibyte is in a great position to leverage its expertise in compiler technology and static analysis to provide premium service for local software developers across all industries.”

In April 2018, Xcalibyte received its A round of funding from Redpoint China. This first round enabled Xcalibyte to establish its presence in the market and develop its core technologies to a highly competitive level. Xcalibyte’s capability is fully recognized by its investors which led to this A+ round of financing for continued development and growth. Mr. Reggie Zhang, Partner of Redpoint China, commented: “Xcalibyte is a new strategic investment in the advanced software technology sector. The increase in usage of cross-software and cross-hardware has led to complexity in technology deployments. This includes cross-language, internal/ external team collaborative development, software coding security, stability, quality, and efficiency issues. Xcalibyte has a world-class software development team. Leveraging on the deep understanding of code compilation, Xcalibyte has designed and developed the next-generation static code analysis tool, Xcalscan, for in-depth compiler-level source code defect detection. Xcalscan empowers software developers to locate code defects quickly and accurately. By assessing potential risks and assisting developers in remediating defects, Xcalscan improves software quality and reduces development costs.”


Founded in 2018, Xcalibyte has a world-class core management team with decades of experience. Mr. Liang Yuning, CEO of Xcalibyte, has worked for leading technology companies such as Samsung, Nokia, and Huawei, with over 20 years of experience in software development and management. Chief Technology Officer Mr. Chan Sun has more than 30 years of experience in compiler optimization technology, served as the Director of Intel-Tsinghua University Joint Laboratory and was responsible for the direction of embedded systems at Intel Labs. Chief Architect Mr. Liu Shin-Ming was the Director of HP’s Java Compiler Technology Lab and Co-inventor of several U.S. patents and co-author of several major journal papers. Chief Operating Officer Colin Giles has served as an executive vice-president in sales, marketing, and business transformation roles at Nokia, Lenovo, Huawei. Xcalibyte has offices in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, and Hong Kong. 


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