Xcalibyte Core Technologies Open Source Initiative

27 Dec 2022 Author: Xcalibyte

In April 2022, at Xcalibyte’s 4th anniversary, we promised to open source our static analyzer based on Open64 compiler project. We are happy to announce that we have fullfil our promise. More than that, we also included a compiler for RISC-V target processor as part of the source code release.

This release is conformant to Open64’s original open source license when required. With the base of Open64, we expanded the scope of the Open64 tool set into static analysis area and to a new target processor RISC-V.  Additionally, we are indeed an avid open source believer, as it secures our continued technology development from academics to commercial companies. 

Please check out our source repositories in the following link for the changes we made and join our future development. 

The whole source structure follows the original open64 compiler project. The static analysis source code is in osprey/be/vsa and osprey/be/rbc. The components to glue open64 optimizer with Clang C/C++ front end and LLVM code generator for RISC-V are in osprey/clang2whirl and osprey/ir_tools