Xcalibyte Joins Four New Alliances: The RISC-V Foundation, the Linux Foundation, the seL4 Foundation and the ioXt Alliance

27 Jul 2021 Author: Xcalibyte

July 27, 2021, Shenzhen, China, Xcalibyte, a developer of static analysis code tools, announced that it has joined the RISC-V Foundation, the Linux Foundation, the seL4 Foundation, and the ioXt Alliance. These are four international non-profit organizations providing standards and guidelines for chipsets, open-source operating systems, operating system microkernels, and the Internet of Things respectively. Xcalibyte will be able to leverage the knowledge from these global communities to improve its own capabilities when serving customers in these domains.

The open-source instruction set architecture RISC-V Foundation was established in 2015, with the intention of establishing an ecosystem through open standard collaboration and by opening a new era of processor innovation. There are many well-known international members including Huawei, Google, IBM, and Qualcomm. The Linux Foundation, which focuses on open-source operating systems, is committed to building a sustainable ecosystem around open-source projects to promote the development of software technology and its commercial applications. The ioXt Alliance is developing global standards for IoT security, privacy requirements and product compliance programs. The seL4 Foundation is the world’s first fully secure operating system kernel focusing on confidentiality, security and reliability.

Gernot Heiser, chairman of the seL4 Foundation, said: “Xcalibyte is actively cooperating with members of the seL4 Foundation, and the code analysis tools independently developed by Xcalibyte are being used by community members. Developing high-quality and safe code is our common vision. ”

“The establishment of cooperative relations with these four international organizations is based on the core strategy of providing developers with industry-leading vulnerability detection tools. For example, we can help RISC-V based development teams deliver high-quality and safer code, and provide technical support related to international standards compliance for the Internet of Things field, etc.” said Liang Yuning, co-founder and CEO of Xcalibyte.


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