Xcalibyte Signs a Strategic MoU with RT-Thread

21 Dec 2020 Author: Xcalibyte

Shenzhen, China, December 21, 2020 – Xcalibyte, the expert in in-depth static code analysis, announced today that it has signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation with RT-Thread, the industry’s leading IoT operating system, to work together to create a secure and stable development environment for the IoT industry. At the 2020 RT-Thread Developer Conference in Shenzhen, Yuning Liang, CEO and Co-Founder of Xcalibyte, and Puxiang Xiong, Founder of RT-Thread signed the cooperation agreement.

In this partnership, RT-Thread will work with Xcalibyte, to provide end-users of RT-Thread and its IoT operating system with deep static code-based source code analysis services, software development lifecycle quality management improvement services, to help end-users in the IoT industry develop high-quality code and improve the software quality in the IoT industry.

“Xcalibyte has world-class expertise in compiler technology and static analysis, and an experienced team of founders, dedicating to helping software developers quickly identify code defects and security vulnerabilities through world-class compilers and static analytics technologies.” said Liang, “RT-Thread owns a good software ecosystem and is the mainstream operating system platform in the smart IoT industry. We believe this collaboration will help RT-Thread and its users to improve source code quality, thereby promoting the development of the entire IoT industry. ”

“RT-Thread, as the ‘China power’ in the field of IoT operating systems, combines real-time operating systems, middleware components, and a community of developers to provide a sophisticated, convenient and intelligent development environment for more IoT-related enterprises today, helping them easily develop small and beautiful products,” Xiong said. “Xcalibyte’s vision on the software industry’s development ecosystem is in line with RT-Thread. We look forward to bringing a more secure, stable, and reliable IoT operating system and software development environment to the industry. ”

In this signed memorandum, Xcalibyte will provide RT-Thread’s open source community and its end-enterprise users with source code analysis, technical support for Xcalscan, and quality management and improvement of the software development lifecycle. RT-Thread will use the deep static code analysis tool Xcalscan developed by Xcalibyte, to improve the iteration quality and development efficiency of its own products. Both companies will focus on providing their end-users with more value-added services for in-depth static code scanning.

In the future, RT-Thread and Xcalibyte will take this strategic partnership as an opportunity to explore new ways of cooperation, and continuous to expand the depth and breadth of bilateral cooperation of businesses, to bring more new possibilities to the industry in the development of the IoT.


About Xcalibyte

Xcalibyte’s mission is to improve the quality of software by creating easy-to-use tools that help developers build and deploy reliable and secure code. Founded by world-class software experts with decades of experience in compiler optimization and software development, Xcalibyte was established in 2018 and has offices in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, and Hong Kong. Xcalibyte enhances the speed and accuracy of code auditing, code evaluation, and code defect detection. We use advanced static code analysis to help reduce costs, improve productivity, and ensure software developers have the proper capabilities to develop better, more reliable software.


About RT-Thread and Shanghai Ruisaide Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

Shanghai Ruisaide Electronic Technology Co., Ltd was founded in Shanghai in 2011 and is the actual owner and direction controller of RT-Thread. Its main services include the core technology development and maintenance of RT-Thread Internet of Things operating system, eco-community operation, and marketing. At present, there are nearly 80 employees, more than 70% of them are developers coming from internationally renowned companies and rich Internet of Things development experience. RT-Thread has a range of core technologies for independent intellectual property, including highly reliable RTOS, MoM (Microkernel on MCU), hybrid microkernels, Persimmon GUI graphics components, intelligent audio, log-based high-reliability file systems in resource-constrained environments, real-time control technology, low power technology, network protocol stacks, embedded Web technologies, and more. This company’s mission is to make RT-Thread the most mainstream platform on the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence industry and to further build new developments and operation modes of the IoT.

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