As a strategic partner of the seL4 Foundation and a member of the RISC-V Foundation, Xcalibyte works on developing and optimizing the seL4 microkernel, providing solutions for system vendors and ensuring the safe and efficient operation of seL4-based operating systems on RISC-V hardware.

With Xcalibyte’s full suite of development toolchains and solutions, you can develop high-quality products running seL4-based operating systems that run faster, save costs and accelerate time-to-market.

Maximize performance

Xcalcompile helps you optimize your code for RISC-V hardware. Xcalcompile has the best benchmark test scores and outperforms other RISC-V compilers.

Xcalibyte’s analysis solutions help you find performance bottlenecks through:

  • Hot functions and hot execution paths
  • Processor execution time by task, function and source code line (including assembly)
  • Identifying performance issues due to system resource allocation and contention
  • Identifying performance issues due to processor pipelining or memory access

Productivity improvements

Xcalscan is our integrated static code analysis tool and features industry-standard support such as MISRA, AUTOSAR and CERT and contains our built-in rules for robust execution of high-quality secure coding.

Our GDB-compatible debugger solution helps quickly identify and solve visualization and debugging problems for all aspects of seL4-based operating systems. It also supports:

  • Kernel and user modes
  • Multi-thread and multi-core
  • Shared resource, lock and semaphore analysis


HISENSE – Smart Home Appliances

Juhaolian is a subsidiary of Hisense, known for smart home appliances, electronic equipment and intelligent information systems. Juhaolian is at the heart of Hisense's smart home solutions by providing communication technologies between devices and the cloud.

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UISEE – Autonomous Vehicles

UISEE focuses on creating future-oriented mobility and logistics solutions. Using AI, they help reshape how people live in an eco-friendly urban lifestyle through utility, safety and inclusive experiences.

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HORIZON – AI Processors

Horizon provides customized solutions in the field of intelligent driving. With their proprietary AI processor and computing platform, Horizon offers external environment perception, in-vehicle multi-modal interaction and high-precision map modeling.

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