The High-Performance RISC-V Compiler

Xcalibyte focuses on some of the most advanced professional products in the world, including highly optimized RISC-V compilers.

A compiler is an extremely sophisticated tool that converts source code into binary files for a specific instruction set, allowing software to run on different architectural hardware.

Xcalibyte’s RISC-V compiler uses the LLVM compiler as its backbone and optimizes it by leveraging our considerable array of features to develop a unique compiler for RISC-V architecture. Our RISC-V compiler is a high-performance compiler that covers loop nesting optimization, global optimization and cross-functional optimizer techniques.

The front-end of the RISC-V compiler allows the broadest source code compatibility with today’s programs compiled with LLVM or GCC. The LLVM code generator interfaces with the active open-source community to take advantage of its considerable code size and peephole optimizations to achieve RISC-V code generation and instruction-level optimization.

Xcalcompile's Optimization Strategy

In the early 1990s, Xcalibyte’s founders and their team were deeply involved in designing the first and second generation compiler tools to better support high-end servers on the MIPS architecture. This compiler was designed to take full advantage of, and adapt to, the underlying microarchitecture of the RISC instruction set. It used an intermediate representation with multiple levels of abstraction to facilitate code optimization at the most appropriate level of abstraction required.

Our new RISC-V instruction set inherits much of the MIPS design philosophy and adds relevant extensions to address modern market needs. It is expected that the compilation optimizations designed for the MIPS instruction set will improve the performance of RISC-V.

In addition, LLVM is not only widely adopted by the industry but also has a mature open-source community and the use of LLVM architecture-based forensic compilers can greatly improve overall efficiency.


Full support for RISC-V, the open-source instruction set for the next 10 years

Xcalcompile focuses on RISC-V as an instruction set, adapting SoC optimizations and helping design and optimize SoC architectures related to high performance computing. It supports C/C++ and its variants.

Focused on Mid-Level optimization

Xcalcompile also focuses on mid-level optimizations such as cross-file cross-function optimization and automatic vectorization, adapting the generated code to the CPU hardware architecture design.

Improved Performance

Xcalcompile can maximize program runtime performance with fast compilation and low memory usage.

Integrated Development Environment

Xcalcompile seamlessly integrates with your development environment to improve efficiency.

Close association with the RISC-V Foundation and chipset partners

Thanks to our relationship with the RISC-V Foundation and our silicon partners, you can optimize your compilers to take advantage of RISC-V hardware and reduce processor costs, often before new RISC-V hardware is available.

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