Xcalibyte Marches Forward


Two years ago, we embarked on a journey of developing our flagship static analysis tool, Xcalscan. Earlier this year, we launched the first commercial version and we have received great feedback from our opening clients. This all happened after a well-planned proof of concept period where a number of organizations worked using our solution in their DevOps environments. During this period, we also established partnerships with several leading tech companies in China, including some well-known internet giants, AI unicorns, and autonomous-driving leaders.

Today, we are excited to announce that we have successfully raised an A+ round of funding that will see us through the next phase of our growth. This new round of funding means that we will develop new products and technologies, enhance our existing portfolio of products and customer service and further expand our sales operations. We will be growing the number of programming languages that we analyse to include JavaScript and others. We’ll be providing greater insight with differential reporting and we’ll be mapping defects to more industry categorizations and standards such as OWASP.

As more organizations start to use Xcalscan, we continue to learn about the challenges they and other companies face when delivering software applications at breakneck speed into a world full of mixed standards and security concerns. Our goal is to empower them with better tools for creating defect-free source code that addresses the needs of high quality, standards compliance and vulnerability remediation.

The A+ investors include Redpoint Ventures which focuses on TMT and Jiangmen which connects tech startups to benchmark users and industry resources. Through their strategic input and technology networks, we’ll be able to reach out to more organizations looking to improve their DevOps for secure coding through accurate and fast defect detection.

Keep following our blog as we will be sharing much more knowledge gleaned from our own R&D team as well as the latest on AppSec.

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