Xcalibyte’s First Anniversary

2019-06-05 | By Tan Rahman

One year ago, we setup Xcalibyte with the goal of helping developers build and deploy safe and reliable code by creating sophisticated yet easy to use tools. One of our main objectives has been to challenge traditional vulnerability testing methods and introduce a new generation of vulnerability scanning tools with a strong focus on quality and compliance as well as security. Our technology goes deeper into the compiler process to identify defects at the intermediate representation level to reach that elusive goal of fewer and fewer false positives.

Our name, Xcalibyte, originates from the Arthurian legend of the sword “EXCALIBUR”. It is a symbol of strength and purpose, as well as the core value of our company. Our strength lies in decades of experience in program analysis and compiler optimization as well as the continuous attention to customer needs. Our purpose is to constantly improve the speed and the accuracy of code auditing. We’re now at the stage of testing our solution with customers and seeing big results with developers finding security flaws in source code and reducing potential vulnerabilities that might not have been achieved with their traditional tools. Our strength and purpose really helps our clients reduce remediation time and cost or as we like to say “puts the power in their hands”.

Yuning Liang, our CEO and co-founder, said this on our first anniversary. “We will continue to move forward, inject new vitality into efficiencies of software development through continuous in-depth research. Reducing costs for customers, improving productivity and creativity, and ensuring software developers have the ability to develop better and more reliable software is what Xcalibyte is all about”

Sun Chan, our Chief Technical Officer and Co-founder had this to say. “Our solution is a next generation static code analysis tool. It can be seamlessly placed into the software development life cycle without changing the existing development process of enterprises. We’ve been through a lot of effort to get to where we are in the development of a platform that simplifies the defect detection process and automates working processes to lower development costs. And we’re not going to stop here”

Everyone at Xcalibyte is looking forward to a great year with new challenges and new goals to achieve. As we step into our second year as a company, we’ll be writing blog posts and whitepapers frequently about the technology and the industry to share our knowledge and experience so stay tuned for more.

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