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Xcalscan User Manual (Release 2.0.0)

Xcalscan User Manual (Release 2.0.0)

What is Xcalscan?

1.5 A Shift-Left Process for More Proactive Analysis and Remediation

latest update: 2021-06-15

An improved way of working is to shift left in the SDLC process to enable active testing and remediation in the daily work of the software development team. This means moving active testing into the development process.

This includes the following activities:

  • Active reviews in the IDE before the code is committed and as the code is being programmed. Xcalscan has compatible plug-ins available in VS Code and Eclipse.
  • The scan is triggered in the IDE and results can be seen in the IDE. Remediation can be managed actively.
  • Code can be analysed by the security team or project lead at any time from the Web UI and vulnerabilities can be assigned to developers.
  • Developers can use the IDE to remediate and utilize features in the IDE to easily find defects assigned from the Web UI. This can be used in conjunction with Code Reviews and DSR.
  • Shift left enables prevention and early remediation. This leads to more secure code and cost savings.


Ask your Xcalibyte account manager for more information on how Xcalscan can integrate into the SDLC and be used to enable Shift-Left process for improved quality, security and productivity.