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Xcalscan User Manual (Release 2.0.0)

Xcalscan User Manual (Release 2.0.0)

Defect Details

11.3 Source & Sink Locations

latest update: 2021-06-15

Highlights the source and sink locations of the defect with file, function and line numbers. In the event there are multiple sinks then the details of the sink locations are not included on this page but can be found by clicking on ALL PATHS.

The source and sink will be displayed in different panels. Source is simply the original point where the defect starts, and sink is where the reported defect will occur. We show all paths related to this defect and list all of file names, line numbers, function names and variable names for each path.

Xcalscan enables you to get a high level view of the defect and the problems it can cause. It is intended that users can use this view to understand the severity and complexity of the defect to decide on the best way to remediate. Assignments can then be made to the appropriate level of developers for remediation.