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Xcalscan User Manual (Release 2.0.0)

Xcalscan User Manual (Release 2.0.0)


5.2 Email Configuration

latest update: 2021-06-15

The administrator will need to configure the email server settings of users to support the sending of emails for notifications. These email notifications occur when defects are assigned to individual users. After logging into the system, the administrator can access the mail server configuration section by clicking Admin in the left menu and then clicking Email Configuration in the sub-menu.

5.2.1 Configuring the Email Server

Xcalscan can send notifications to the team to assign defects for remediation. The email will be sent from your nominated account. This setting configures the email account to be able to send the emails.

After entering the email configuration page, add the required information about your email server.

Information Description
Type: The default is SMTP.
Server address: Refers to the mail server address provided by your mail service provider.
Service port: Refers to the port used by the mail server, usually 465 or 25. Please consult with your mail service provider.
User Name:  The email address used to send mail.
Password: Refers to the password of the email account.
SSL connection: This service needs to be provided by your email service provider. If using an SSL connection, the service port is usually 995.
Email Prefix:  Refers to the prefix text that is located in front of the email title. This message will be added to every email sent by Xcalscan. The default email prefix is Xcalscan. This item is optional and can be configured freely.


After completion please press SAVE.