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Xcalscan User Manual (Release 2.0.0)

Xcalscan User Manual (Release 2.0.0)

Scanning Projects

8.0 Scanning Projects

latest update: 2021-06-15

After clicking the Scan button, Xcalscan will start scanning the project. The scan time depends on the number of lines of source code in the files and the server hardware configuration. You will be updated on the scan progress in the Xcalscan user interface. Project name and configuration information will be displayed to the left of the progress circle.

After completion you will be shown a summary of the scan that includes the following information.

Information Description
Total Files The total number of files scanned
Total Lines The total number of lines of source code scanned
Defects Found The total number of defects found in the scan
Time & Date The time and date that the last scan finished
Standard/Ruleset The compliance standards and rulesets that can be viewed for the scan. Currently, we support CERT and Xcalibyte.
Scan Time The scan duration


The project will be placed on the My Projects page or to view the detailed results you can go directly to the scan results page by clicking “GO TO RESULTS”.