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Xcalscan User Manual (Release 2.0.0)

Xcalscan User Manual (Release 2.0.0)

Scan Results

10.1 The Project Summary

latest update: 2021-06-17

The project summary displays the project name, date and time of the latest scan. If this scan result is not the first one then the previous scan date and time will be also displayed. If it is the first scan then no previous information will be displayed.

Xcalscan shows the number of files and lines that have been scanned within the project and time taken to scan the project.

“Search defect ID” allows you to search for specific defects based on the defect ID that has been allocated by Xcalscan. This is a useful tool for users who have received notifications by e-mail, via CI/CD, or by IDE to search for a specific defect with this code without scrolling through all the defects.

The scanned project risk level can be categorized into high, medium and low and is displayed in the project risk meter.

Number of defects, which is the total number of defects resulting from the latest scan across all files, is displayed.

In the event that the previous scan has failed then Xcalscan will display the last successful scan with an ! icon. A mouse over of the icon will reveal a tool-tip with the date and time of latest scan that has failed. Meanwhile, the date and time will still be displayed for the last successful scan.

If a Delta Scan Result (DSR) is available then Xcalscan will display an icon to view DSR. Clicking the icon will take you to the DSR page. More information is available on DSR in section 12 of this user guide.